C o u r t n e y
C o p e l a n d

     Some artists have only one passion be it theatre, dance, vocals or art. Courtney Copeland is not one of those artists. She is someone who has taken her love and passion for many artistic expressions and made them an indelible part of her life. Raised as an only child in a single parent household, her mother, a painter, exposed and encouraged Courtney in wide variety of artistic expressions. This included vocal talents that eventually led Courtney to Los Angeles where she has performed as a recording artist with the likes of Britney Spears, Madonna, 2Pac, et al.
As in her childhood, she has continued her passion for painting. Her exhibits display themes of dancers, food, models, costumes and music (of course). Her illuminating canvases capture a feeling of serenity and sensuality. Through her ongoing dedication to this artistic medium, she has most recently expanded her celebrity clientele base to include Slash from Velvet Revolver and LA’s latest hit singer, Keri Hilson.

      Now, Courtney has added to her creative resume. She has entered into the world of brand marketing. As she continues to flourish, so do her passions and endless quest for the next artistic expression that she can pursue.